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EEUU DIVIDIDO: El abismo entre policías y vigilados

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Police officers talk with community activist Cynthia Davis in the Staten Island borough of New York, Tuesday, May 24, 2016. The recent highly publicized deaths of black men in encounters with police in Minnesota, Louisiana and across the country, and now the sniper killing of five Dallas officers, have focused new attention on the chasm between police and minorities, one of so many divides in this contentious election year. Years of tension have left people wary in both the policing community and in minority neighborhoods, with many yearning for one another’s respect. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)NUEVA YORK (AP) — En una inusual fresca noche veraniega, Mike Perry y su equipo recorren las aceras que atraviesan el conjunto residencial Stapleton Houses, monitoreados por cámaras policiales atornilladas a los apartamentos y colocadas sobre los postes.

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